8th ANNUAL DIRT ROAD JUNKFEST - VALLEY FALLS, KS 2024 Event held Friday October 11th 12p-6p & Saturday October 12th 8a-6p



Vendor Information

Hey ya'll, thank you for your interest in Dirt Road JunkFest! We are so happy to be hosting our 7th Annual Dirt Road JunkFest at its new location, Shankland Ranch, just outside of Valley Falls, KS. 

JunkFest has 190+ vendor booths, many fun and unique attractions and photo ops, all-age friendly, and over 25 different food & drink vendors/trucks to choose from.

Our purpose is to bring a great event to support small businesses and bring them connections to potential customers.  

If you'd like to a part of JunkFest, click the Vendor tab to see registration links! Just so ya' know: we offer a 15% discount to all Active duty military, Military Spouse/Dependent, National Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Retirees!! Ask us how to save @ admin@dirtroadjunkfest.com

Booth Info

This type of show is as special as it is unique. We request that vendors must have at least one person working in their booth at all times. If you will need relief for lunch, etc., and you have not brought a helper with you --PLEASE don’t worry!! Just reach out to one of the crew team members to relieve you, we are always happy to help.

A tent is encouraged for booth spaces but not required. You must provide your own tent. Over the years we have also recommended booth supplies such as:

A little more about your space....
Booth sizes vary depending on vendors' needs, and we try our best to make sure we offer multiple choices as we know each of our vendors is as unique as JunkFest itself! Please note that we must remind you that this is an outdoor event, there is wind and we want you to keep in mind that there should be more than just tent stakes - even the heavy-duty stakes can be budged --and we cannot be held responsible for unsecured, uncontrolled canopies/tents.

Standard Booth: 12' x 12'

Double Booth: 12' x 24'

(AKA Standard Booth + Trailer space) 
*these are the folks that will be working a booth that will connect to their trailer otherwise trucks are parked in vendor parking & may not be easily accessible.

Triple Booth: 12' x 36'

Trailer Booth: 12' x 30-ish'

Double X Booth: 24' x 24'

Triple X Booth: >24' wide or long


It is usually a very busy time for all during set up so we don't require a check-in, we will have someone driving around to ensure you have everything you need. We will have a Headquarter Booth at the event entrance should you need to reach us for assistance.


We are happily accepting any and all vendors - vintage, small business, antiques, crafts, direct sales, outdoor sport and games, any and all food & drink, custom art, farmers, junkers', and everyone in between!

Direct Sales

Please note the only vendor that we regulate multiples of is direct sales consultants (DSC).

If you are a direct sales vendor, it is your responsibility to ensure another representative with the same company has not already registered. You can verify this by emailing us at admin@dirtroadjunkfest.com.  Please be aware: If you do not verify this and indicate that you are the only rep on the registration, there will be no refunds.

We ask that you PLEASE keep your booth free of any tripping hazards!! Also please help to keep everyone safe and keep aisles that are clear of merchandise at all times. Please secure your tents, canopies, tables, items, etc. as this is an outdoor event and we cannot be held responsible for damaged items or your products/items falling on someone. 

Entertainment Vendors

As we have said many times, we happily welcome all vendors of all types!! We want to create a fun, enjoyable, and memorable day for the young'uns, the old'uns, and all ya'll in between!!! So just to be clear, the folks that are included in the "entertainment vendors" qualifies as any business that is providing any activity that provides entertainment, amusement, instruction-lead crafts, or recreation for any and all ages



Need a place to stay? 

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask us - -we love our vendors and want to make this an event that you cannot wait to display your goods year after year!


We are looking at providing a unique and fun-filled day that our vendors and customers would be happy to be a part of, all right here at Dirt Road JunkFest! 


Current for 2023 event rates, subject to change. 

All payments are  non-refundable, so before you commit, be certain you are able to attend.

There are options on our map that are “prime” locations and prices will vary.  


(two or three points of entry for customers)

12 x 12 ($75.00)



(two or three points of entry for customers)

12 x 24 ($140.00)



(two or three points of entry for customers)

12 x 36 ($195.00)



(not food/drink vendor, reserved for trailers only)

12' wide ($120.00) 



24’ x 24’ ($200.00)



>24’ W or L ($300.00)




Event Set Up & Tear Down


Vendor set up hours are Friday 8:00am -11:30 am for those who are part of the two-day event and Saturday 5:30 am - 8:30 am for our Saturday-only folks.

SATURDAY ONLY: If you are not participating in both days, that’s okay but you are more than welcome (WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU) to come on Friday to set up (see JunkFest-eve section below).
All booths must be completely set up Friday and/or Saturday 30 minutes before the gates open!! Please note we aren’t responsible for any damage due to weather and wind- so do not leave anything fragile in your booth if you are setting up on Friday. (see the disclaimer section below)

Vehicles must be removed from the event/booth premises and relocated to the vendor parking area no later than 60 minutes before the show. Please be courteous of those around you, there will be "lanes" around the booth spaces for you to drive in - this is to keep vendors parking vehicles on a booth spot. 



Vendors may not start breaking down their booth prior to the close of the show (7:00pm / 4:00pm). Vehicles will be allowed on the property for load out after closing only. No vehicles may enter before the event closes. 


Additional Vendor Info (disclaimers and such)

Dirt Road JunkFest Workers

There will be a JunkFest crew throughout the event. They all will be helping with things such as vendor check-in, booth location, unloading vendor product (the JunkFest Crew will not be able to help organize/display vendor merchandise), traffic control, ticket sales, trash removal, entry gate attendantbathroom & hand-wash station duty



Pre-event set-up is allowed AND ENCOURAGED the Thursday before JunkFest. Gates will be open on Thursday evening at 3pm; Friday morning from 7:00AM CST until dark; by 10:00PM CST all gates will be shut and locked and will not be re-opened until 5:30AM CST Saturday morning. While we cannot guarantee 100% of the "unexpected", we do provide a higher-than-most level of security to our vendors and their booths that have participated in the pre-event set-up. 


Sales Tax Requirements 

PLEASE DO NOT BE ALARMED. The form that is given is from the KS Dept. of Revenue, it is called a Sales Tax Special Events Return, ST-16SE. It is described as a return that is intended for vendors who sell four or fewer times in Kansas each year, whether you have a KS Tax ID or not. If you have any questions, please email us or go to www.ksrevenue.org, you may also call 913-942-3082 for the Special Event Tax department. 

OUR DISCLAIMER: The appropriate sales tax rate for this location is 7.5% on taxable purchases.  You are allowed to include sales tax in your pricing. If you reside in Kansas you may possibly have a Kansas Tax ID for your business, dependent on your business' circumstances. If you do not reside in Kansas, you of course, will not have a Kansas Tax ID#, but you will be provided the Out of State Vendor Tax Form provided by Dirt Road JunkFest and the Kansas Department of Revenue: Clint Razor @ 785-207-1655.  

It is each vendors' responsibility to report accurate information, Dirt Road JunkFest cannot be held responsible for any tax reporting errors.


Entertainment Vendors: One-day liability insurance policies are usually available through an existing Homeowners or Business insurance policy for a reasonable cost.
All Vendors: Dirt Road JunkFest LLC, S&V Family Rustics and Shankland Ranch are NOT responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth space. Please keep all aisles clear and safe.



Pets are welcome at the farm. Please be kind to all customers and their pets. We welcome the whole family to Dirt Road JunkFest!



Please note after you enter your personal/business info, you must pick your booth location in Step 2 under the Vendor tab.