The Junk-Foodies

Food Vendors

(meal menus, not "snacks")


The JunkFest Food Truck Vendor: a truly awesome foodie that is serving 1 or 2 meals (breakfast, lunch, or both!) either from vehicle, trailer, or tables.

We love all types and varieties of deliciousness and our food-truck/trailer spots are designed to have 6 feet separating you from the rear end of the next food trailer space, these areas are to be walk-arounds and should not be cluttered with items/tables/tents and/or vehicles; we do ask that you PLEASE un-hook from your vehicle (if applicable) and park in the VENDOR PARKING as quickly as possible

Food Vendor License 

Here at JunkFest we follow all State and local rules regarding food vendor licensure; so don't be worried, if you're following the rules, we'll all be alright!



Need a place to stay? 

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask us - -we love our vendors and want to make this an event that you cannot wait to display your goods year after year!


We are looking at providing a unique and fun-filled day that our vendors and customers would be happy to be a part of, all right here at DirtRoad JunkFest! 


Current for 2022 event rates, subject to change. 

All payments are  non-refundable, so before you commit, be certain you are able to attend.




(must have the appropriate permit/license required) 




12' x 12' ($65.00)

  24’ x 24’ ($200.00)

>24’ W or L ($300.00)



The JunkFest Headquarters 

First off -- - this is the main stop to check-in or register when you arrive at JunkFest, all vendors will come up to the JunkFest HQ and while you're there...grab all of your DirtRoad JunkFest swag - -you won't want to miss it! 

JunkFest headquarters will have all vendor information, a master map of the booth assignments, staff performing various duties, the DirtRoad Dudes, and the entire JunkFest Crew ready to help you with any needs to may have and the vendor packets that you will absolutely need!

ALSO: Please check emails, and/or make sure we aren't listed as "junk mail" because we really like to send vendor updates via email, we promise we won't flood your in-box!


Booth Info

This is type of show is as special as it is unique. The Divas’ request that vendors must have at least one person working in their booth at all times. If you will need relief for lunch, etc., and you have not brought a helper with you --PLEASE don’t worry!! Just reach out to one of the Divas to relieve you, we are always happy to help.

A tent is encouraged for food booth spaces who are not in a Food Truck,  but not required. You must provide your own tent. Over the years we have also recommended booth supplies such as:


Vendors will need to check-in at the JunkFest HQ booth located near the main entrance.

Each vendor will be provided a vendor name badge that will help in identifying you and/or your helper if you have stepped away.

Vendors, we ask that you PLEASE keep your booth free of any tripping hazards!! Also please help to keep everyone safe and keep aisles that are clear of merchandise at all times.

Event Set Up & Tear Down


Vendor check-in and set-up hours are Saturday 5:30a-8:30a. You will need to check-in the DirtRoad JunkFest Headquarters between those times. You are more than welcome (WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU) to come on Friday to set up (see JunkFest-eve section below). All booths/foodies must be completely set up Saturday morning 30 minutes before the gates open @ 9:00am, even if the only meal you are serving is lunch. Please note we aren’t responsible for any damage due to weather and wind- so do not leave anything fragile in your booth if you are setting up on Friday (see the disclaimer section below).

Vehicles must be removed from the event/booth premises and relocated to the vendor parking area no later than 60 minutes before the show. Please be courteous of those around you, there will be "lanes" around the booth spaces for you to drive in - this is to keep vendors parking vehicles on a booth spot. 



Vendors may not start breaking down their booth prior to the close of the show (4:00pm). Vehicles will be allowed on the property for load out after closing only. No vehicles may enter before the event closes. 


Additional Vendor Info (disclaimers and such)

DirtRoad JunkFest Volunteers

There will be a JunkFest crew throughout the event. They all will be helping with things such as vendor check-in, booth location, unloading vendor product (the JunkFest Crew will not be able to help organize/display vendor merchandise), traffic control, trash removal, attendance counter, bathroom & hand-wash station duty



Pre-event set-up is allowed AND ENCOURAGED the Friday before JunkFest. Gates will be open on Friday afternoon from 11:00AM CST until dark; by 10:00PM CST all gates will be shut and locked and will not be re-opened until 5:30AM CST JunkFest/Saturday morning. While we cannot guarantee 100% of the "unexpected", we do provide a higher-than-most level of security to our vendors and their booths that have participated in the pre-event set-up. 


Sales Tax Requirements 

PLEASE DO NOT BE ALARMED. The form that is given is from the KS Dept. of Revenue, it is called a Sales Tax Special Events Return, ST-16SE. It is described as a return that is intended for vendors who sell four or fewer times in Kansas each year, whether you have a KS Tax ID or not. If you have any questions, please ask the Divas or go to www.ksrevenue.org, you may also call 913-942-3082 for the Special Event Tax department. 

OUR DISCLAIMER: The appropriate sales tax rate for this location is 7.5% on taxable purchases.  You are allowed to include sales tax in your pricing, an example of how to figure sales tax owed is below**. If you reside in Kansas you may possibly have a Kansas Tax ID for your business, dependent on your business' circumstances. If you do not reside in Kansas, you of course, will not have a Kansas Tax ID#, but you will be provided the Out of State Vendor Tax Form provided by DirtRoad JunkFest and the Kansas Department of Revenue: Clint Razor @ 785-207-1655.  

It is each vendors' responsibility to report accurate information, DirtRoad JunkFest cannot be held responsible for any tax reporting errors.

 **example: total collected(TC) / 1.075 = taxable amount(TA).  Then you will take: TC-TA=amt owed to DOR.



All Vendors: DirtRoad Divas LLC and Belveal Farms LLC are NOT responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth space. Please keep all aisles clear and safe.